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How can I help?


Anna Pereira, Founder of, Mentor to Visionaries & World Changers.

I am here to support leaders of change embrace your power, stand out in the world and manifest your vision of success. YOU are the way to a better, happier, healthier world. Let me help guide you to impact more people.

Connector of Health & Wellness Providers to Seekers of a Better Life, Citizen of the World, Mentor and Dream Builder.

My passion is helping creative individuals, healers, teachers, authors, wellness and well-being professionals who are compelled to use their gifts to make the world a better place. If you take action, have a business or want to build a business, brand and legacy, I want to support your success.  


About Me

A bit about me

"You are the center of the universe. You are a star shining bright. My hope and mission is for you to shine as brilliantly as you were meant to. Together, basking in the light of each other, we all shine brighter." - Anna Pereira

This describes my mission. It is to bring out the best in you! I have been a creative entrepreneur with a strong attachment to spirituality nearly my entire life. I call myself an ‘evolutionary catalyst’ to raise awareness and create positive change.

My background includes my own artistically based businesses in fashion and accessories, both handmade and manufactured, and corporate experience as head of a 15-million dollar division for a manufacturer of pet products. From manufacturing to production to marketing and PR, online and off, I am a diamond with many facets of experience!

As a motivational public figure, my inspirational posts are known worldwide.  Through my Facebook page Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, I have helped the lives of over 700K.

"Inspired action changes the world."

Following my calling to truly make a global change, I founded of The Wellness Universe, my passion is supporting teachers, healers, wellness professionals and world-changers help more people on their journey to happiness, wholeness and total health. This is how we achive world peace.

It is rewarding helping heart-based entrepreneurs, modern day thought leaders, wellness practitioners and co-creators of change reach their goals personally and professionally. Through guidance and encouragement seeing world changers not only changing the world, but their world changing as well, is my life's greatest reward.

Bringing people together in The  Wellness Universe, a one of a kind epic wellness resource for anyone seeking encouragement, help, love, inspiration, education, advice, products and support from trusted sources for total well-being, is a dream come true.

I encourage empowerment, authenticity and spiritual practices as core building blocks to achieve anything you dream. I believe maintaining a positive attitude sees you through a situation with success. Authenticity is the epicenter to long term joy and success.

Always be you ~ The best version of you! 

Have a blessed day


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