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Are you making the world a better place? Then you need to be successful ... and I want to help you. 


Because YOUR end goal is to make someone live a better and a most wonderful life, right? Your passion and hard work drive you to create products and/or services that uplift, makes someone feel good, creates more health, wellness and well-being and impacts their life and even the lives of others in a positive way. Well guess what? YOU are the bridge to a better world!  

Entrepreneurs and business owners with a social, ethical and heart-based motivation, who offer GREAT products, services and solutions, who dedicate themselves to their value-based business are who I LOVE to help!  (*And those who haven't figured out what to offer just yet!)

People need your help in order to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. They need your products and services to create beauty, peace and joy in their world, solve a problem or find a solution to achieve living a wonderful life. The more empowered and well they are through YOUR support, the better the world becomes. 

When wellness-preneurs, solopreneures and small business owners come to me to help develop a project or with an idea or just to solve problems, I take my years of diverse experience and focus on your goal and give you the information, tools and most importantly, support, you need to accelerate your success and feelings of accomplishment.

Wellness business owners, healers, entrepreneurs and creative folks have common challenges they seek my guidance on: 

"How do I grow my business?" 

"How do I make a real business out of what I do?" 

"How do I do ______ better?"

"What are some ideas to help me monetize my value/services?"

"How do I market my business with authenticity and attract my ideal client?"

"How do I describe what I do and convey that  those visiting my site or social media platforms?"

"I see so many programs, pitches and promises out there. Where do I invest my time, money and sweat equity to make the biggest impact, return on investment (ROI) and what is real success?" 

"What do I do first, second, third …?"

... And so much more!

There is never one problem or one solution when you are in business and with all of the financial, emotional and physical investment one must make, it's no-wonder many business owners are familiar with burn-out, confusion, lack of clarity, loss of inspiration ... but it doesn't have to break you! Solutions, inspiration, balance and answers are key to success. 

I got your back! 

This is where I shine! I love understanding what you do and why you do it and where you want to go and grow. Sharing my best, inspired advice to help you is what I do. 

From manufacturing, marketing, branding, networking, to presence, PR and more, I have done it all and have connected to thousands of amazing people around the world that have educated me and are now my resources to solve any problem.

I was divinely blessed with the idea to create The Wellness Universe and I take this connection to the Universe, tap into it and help you to see what's right in front of you,  what's not right in front of you and share steps, tips, advice, tools and wisdom you need in order to nurture your dream and build a real business around it, without the fluff or selling you anything you don't need. My goal is to accelerate your success, help you impact more lives, thrive and grow your business.

With over 3000 members of The Wellness Universe, I have lots of experience guiding heart-centered entrepreneurs to help grow their business through tangible action items and shifts in mindset. Sometimes it's as simple as re-framing your beliefs around a thought that shifts your whole world!

See you on the other side ... Success, ease and impact is closer than you think!



*If you have't figured out WHAT your 'product' actually is, that's GREAT! Your talent, experience, and wisdom never change it just increases and your products/services are always ... ALWAYS... going to change and I can help you with that too. 

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