Testimonials & RECOMMENDATIONS From Industry Leaders


Thank you Jo Ann Wenner

I’ve had the great privilege to be a part of Wellness Universe over the past year and most recently, to work closely with Anna Pereira, Co-Founder, as both practitioner and participant in Wellness Universe’s, SoulTreat Retreat.  

Incredible doesn’t convey my experience. Anna is a Dynamo!  

Anna Pereira has a tremendous ability to adeptly motivate and inspire individuals to show-up and step-in to a collaboratively creative process that produces an outcome far greater than can be elicited by their individual parts. She generates the power of the Whole and it’s transformative.  

Anna leads as an example of true servant leadership - welcoming and walking along-side all members and guests of her events and groups with authenticity, an open heart, and in the spirit of collaboration. She asks each to show up in All of who we are, and to see and respond to a call to Love and Be Loved - to Inspire others and to Be Inspired - to Say “Yes” to raising our consciousness and supporting those around us to also do the same. She “walks her talk” and requires the same of all of those who work with her.  

I am deeply grateful for the time I was able to spend with Anna in one-on-one conversation after the close of SoulTreat. Although she needed some time to gather herself in after this huge, 4-day event, she invited me in to conversation as two women, two leaders, and two hearts and souls with a shared desire to support others to rise up in greater love, compassion, authenticity, and power - to heal and renew - both in their own lives and in supporting others to do the same. As I shared with Anna, I understood we also align in knowing that as we give, we also receive.  

Working with Anna Pereira has been, and continues to be, both inspiring and a greater call to ramp up, to stand taller, and to step more confidently into my own work in the world as a holistic wellness leader and professional. I highly recommend Anna as a leader, mentor, and guide and encourage engagement with the Wellness Universe and SoulTreat Retreats to all wellness leaders, holistic practitioners, and to those who consciously seek to make a positive difference in their lives, the lives of others, and in the world. 


Thank you Andrea Warren

I  recently attended Anna’s annual event SoulTreat and it was a life-changing experience. I have worked with Anna for several years and I am always so impressed with her high level of enthusiasm, leadership skills, and professionalism. She is truly passionate, dedicated, and brings thinking far beyond the box. She has contributed greatly to the projects we have worked on together and has personally helped me within my own business development. Anna exudes confidence and an innovative approach, unlike any other person I have worked alongside. It has been my experience that women business owners want to work with women that they trust, and Anna is not only trustworthy her positive attitude and easy-going personality is infectious. 

She is also highly collaborative and has a level of influence that is unmatched.  As a woman-owned organization, I feel honored to have had the pleasure to have worked with Anna and highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. 

 Andrea Warren

Owner at 365 Essential Oils for Everyday


Thank you Tom Heintz

 I am honored to recommend Anna Pereira to anyone who is seeking a sincere professional mentor. She truly cares deeply for the people she associates with. Together with her partner Shari Alyse at the Wellness Universe, they created the SoulTreat event in Sedona that I attended in November 2019. It was well organized and all that attended felt included in the different components that comprised the 4 day weekend. Sincere bonding was enabled by the different classes and selfless networking. I felt their goal was about helping those around them instead of what could they get from us. 

 The best takeaway for me, however, was the opportunity to see inside myself. I did not do any speaking or teaching at this event because I wanted to see what it was all about. What I found was something that will stay with me for a long time. It received the confirmation of my own strengths that I needed to hear from the sessions I received from others. Anna and Shari brought together true seekers of Healing. I am looking forward to future events with Anna and Shari. I wouldn’t hesitate to include Anna or Shari in a future event of my own. 

Tom Heintz cecp cbcp 

Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner Speaker and Energetic Healing Scientist 


Thank you Carrie Doubts

I have experienced Anna's leadership through participating in her Wellness Universe platform for several years. She's a visionary and a doer, having created this space for World Changers of all kinds to connect and share their expertise. She works tirelessly for the good of all concerned.

I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time in person at the SoulTreat event in Sedona, AZ in the fall of 2019. One of Anna's many gifts is her ability to be fully present in her executive consciousness while also being a loving, supportive human being. Things just run smoothly with her in charge.  


Carrie Doubts, MA, PCC, ELI-MP

Transformational Coach: Helping You Rebuild Your Life After Transitions like Divorce, Bereavement, Retirement, Job Loss


Thank you Rosemary Levesque

Though I've known Anna online through the Wellness Universe for several years, I personally met Anna Pereira recently in Sedona, AZ at the SoulTREAT retreat for 2019 where I facilitated a sound healing workshop as a part of her event. Her wisdom and compassion shine through in all capacities, as an event coordinator, faciltator, speaker, business partner, and Lightworker. I watched her interact with more than one hundred guests and presenters over the span of four days, treating everyone with the utmost respect, patience, praise, and gratitude. What impressed me the most is how Anna managed to bring all factions together seamlessly and effortlessly, honoring each individual for their participation, vulnerability and soul growth. Her clarity and solid presence offer a strong foundation on which other Lightworkers can find balance and strength as well as support for their personal endeavors. I highly recommend Anna Pereira for all her strengths and qualities. ~ Rosemary Levesque, LSH, Second Nature Healing 


Thank you Jennifer Moore

Anna Pereira brings much needed light and hope but also essential wisdom and business strategy to the world of transformational entrepreneurs, healers and light workers. Through the Wellness Universe Anna has created a vital community where holistic practitioners can find the support and resources to thrive. I knew it was something special the moment Anna’s very first email magically arrived in my inbox a few years ago. I’m so glad I clicked and joined the Wellness Universe then. I’m even more glad I followed my gut and signed up to teach a WU Expert Workshop when the opportunity arose. I KNOW from experience what goes into creating marketing content and what it takes to promote an event. The truth is, it takes a lot. The energy and effort Anna devoted to our project deserves an eleven out of ten stars. While I was initially excited for the opportunity to teach a WU workshop, I was completely blown away by Anna and the WU team. It’s one thing to have a great idea and stellar materials but getting actual attendees is a whole other challenge. Anna’s support made Empathic Entrepreneur’s Secrets to Success not only a blast to teach but also totally worth the investment. Anna is a delight to work with. She is amazingly organized, professional, knowledgeable, soulful and warm. Given an opportunity to work with Anna again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. 


Jennifer Moore

Author, Energy Healer, EFT Master Trainer & Intuitive Mentor for highly sensitive women who feel stuck with empathic overwhelm


Thank you Erika Laszlo

It’s rare that you come across standout talent, world-changer and heart-centered, shining entrepreneur like Anna.  

As a fellow entrepreneur, coach and SuperConscious World™ community builder I have the pleasure to know Anna through her international community, the Wellness Universe where I am a featured expert and a premium plus member. We have been working together to get higher online visibility of my proprietary method, SuperConscious Self-Coaching. We met at the Best You Expo in Los Angeles, in Budapest and many times online.  

I think she is smart, organised, authentic, talented, with high integrity, one of the best business, marketing coaches, wonderful to work with, the list goes on. However, I do not want to use these limited characters to state the obvious.  

I am particularly impressed by Anna’s ability to be an inspiring leader, a super motivator and a good friend who lets you instantly feel comfortable to speak when you work with her and gives you the support you need to reach your business goals.  

No matter where you are with your business, Anna will show you news you have never thought of!  

Thank you, Anna, for being such a great leader, a friend and a super example in building a community, with the same vision we share: to have a better world.  Any client would be lucky to have Anna as a business coach; she earns my highest recommendation. 


Erika Laszlo

Founder | SuperConscious World® Certification Class| Intuitive Helpers| Born Coaches| Quantum leap into Oneness!


Thank you Tracy Allen

Anna is absolutely amazing! I’ve just realized that all my life of hearing the phrase “love at first sight“ doesn’t mean the physical… It’s a spiritual connection. And as beautiful as she is on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside. The moment I got a chance to speak with her, I immediately fell in love with her heart. The world needs more people like Anna. People that want to make this place better for everyone. She’s sharp, fun, and a warm loving human being. I highly recommend that if you have an opportunity to work with her, you don’t want to miss out. She knows what she’s doing and how to help you get what you need. 

Tracy Allen

Business Owner at 9to5Not Business Solutions


Thank you Joan Landino

Anna is an amazing woman! She is not only professional and highly skilled as a CEO she is humbling in her ability to connect with others. Her skill set demonstrates leadership with the ability to inspire others to do more than expected. I am one of the privileged practitioners to work under her direction and would recommend others to do the same. SoulTreat should be a worldwide yearly retreat for all aspects of Wellness. I am grateful for the experience at this years retreat and plan on attending yearly! 

Joan Landino APRN CoFounder: Integrated Psychiatric Services 


Thank you Raelin Saindon

I am also honored to have received one-on-one mentorship and coaching from Anna directly. Her knowledge and insight brought me from being on the sidelines watching, to becoming a Speaker and Presenter at The Wellness Universe's Fall SoulTreat 2019. 

I show up empowered in my own wellness business, The Healing Space, and have become a powerful influence of change and empowerment for others around me as a result of Anna's direct guidance and insight.  

Equal to her global wellness vision, is Anna’s love and service to others. Her warmth, laughter, generosity and uplifting personality is a natural magnet for those around her. She greets all she meets with the same level of pleasure and gratitude~ regardless of “who” they may be. I am honored and blessed to work alongside her and especially to call her my Friend. Sister. Soul-connection.  

Raelin Saindon, Mindset-Mentor & Founder of The Healing Space Co & Channel of WE are WE Consciousness 

Thank you Penny Hodgson

 Anna brings so much experience and enthusiasm to everything she does! In a one on one marketing session with Anna, she helped me identify the areas that were lacking in my current marketing campaigns and presented me with completely different avenues that I hadn't previously explored. Her desire to help others get their message out into the world is genuine. I highly recommend Anna's personal services, and I highly recommend The Wellness Universe!   

Penny Hodgson

Author, Certified Holistic Practitioner


Thank you Jim Phillips

I finally had the honor of meeting Anna Pereira at The Wellness Universe's SoulTreat summit in Sedona. I had an idea of what to expect due to our collaborations in The Wellness Universe however we had never met in person. The best way to describe our initial meeting is by asking a question. You know that excited feeling you have about how someone would be when you finally meet them in person? I mean someone you really respect and who by all appearances is genuine, caring, considerate, kind, loving and truly wants to impact the world in a positive way. 

That's Anna! When I walked into the hotel where the event was taking place, not knowing a Soul, I was greeted with a very loud, there's Jim Phillips! Immediately I was made to feel welcome and truly cared for. She was everything and so much more than anticipated. 

She is a thought leader, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community of other thought leaders, healers and wellness experts from all over the world. Anna's vision was exactly what The Wellness Universe is becoming, a platform for those who have something important to say and share, to do just that, and in the process actually change the world for the better. 

She is a visionary and an inspiration who follows through on everything she says she is going to do. I am blessed to have been introduced to Anna a few years ago and look forward to the many years of collaboration that lie ahead. The world will continue becoming a better place as long as we have folks like Anna leading the charge. 

Thank you Anna for your vision, your inspiration and your friendship. 

Jim Phillips

Certified Life Coach, L.I.F.E. Strategist, speaker,author of The Key to LIFE. Featured in inspiring "Becoming the Keys."


Thank you Pam McDonel

Anna has continued to be encouraging and supporting in many ways. She opens her heart and her wisdom to everyone she meets. Her skill as a speaker, coordinator, and facilitator speaks for itself. She is excellent in business and has a command of what is needed to run a successful retreat. I was fortunate to meet Miz Anna in person at SoulTREAT and spend insightful and valuable time with her. I highly recommend Anna Pereira for her strengths in leadership, wisdom, and compassion for supporting others. 

Pam McDonel Lightworker, Sandbox Enterprises LLC and Ebb~n~Flow Therapeutic Bodywork 


Thank you Judith Campanaro

I first met Anna Pereira through Linkedin and in person several months later at Soul Treat in Sedona. Anna not only brings her dreams to reality but in so doing helps others to vision and realize their dreams. Her leadership ability, presence when with others, integrity, strength of character and passion are testimony to the value she brings to the table. It is without hesitancy that I give Anna Pereira the highest recommendation. 

Judith Campanaro

Art Therapist


Thank you Stacey Siekman

There are people that are placed in our lives that immediately bless and inspire---this is ANNA! Our paths crossed at the SoulTreat Conference in Sedona, AZ. Her bold presence and welcoming energy filled the room as she shared her dream and vision for the Wellness Universe and the SoulTreat experience. Her love and passion reached out and into the hearts of every individual that was sitting in the room. Her spirit lifted the energy and cleared the way for great things to be experienced and shared throughout the weekend. Her personal and heart-felt approach created a safe and friendly environment; one that would embrace vulnerability and truth.

Anna is a generous woman and an exceptional leader. 

She blessed my life, both professionally and personally. I am grateful that our paths crossed! 

Stacey Siekman

Author, Movement Coach, Inspiring Teacher


Thank you Stephanie Padovani

I met Anna in person at Soul Treat in November 2019 and had multiple experiences with her through Wellness Universe. Anna is a powerhouse! She's absolutely committed to the mission of supporting wellness practitioners who are changing the world, and has founded an organization that's pioneering this effort in a way that continues to grow and expand. Expect great things from Anna and any project she invests herself into! This woman is full of heart and passion. 

Stephanie Padovani

Wild Creation Business Coach for Spiritual & Creative Entrepreneurs - Monetize your message with soul aligned marketing


Thank you Danielle Marggraf

Anna is gracious and warm yet strong and soulful. Her presence is full of beauty and exemplifies the divine feminine in all of her glorious power. Anna’s energy, compassion and focus on her mission is filled with love, passion and above all else gratitude.  Anna has become a trusted ally for me in the holistic business world and she leads with her heart - two must have’s we need in the world.  

Danielle Marggraf

Somatic Therapist at Sacred SOULutions

Thank you JER JESSI

 When you connect to another leader, you feel empowered. This is how I describe my relationship with Anna. As a woman business owner with a start-up, CoachTheWorld.com I reached out to Anna, impressed by her leadership and all she has created with TheWellnessUniverse.com to see how we can work together. From our initial conversation, she was open, truthful and filled with guidance. It is refreshing to meet someone who is not resorting to fear-based tactics to win your business or create a false need to gain your business, but who is there to genuinely help you grow and supports your success. She is secure and confident with years of experience which help her to guide with authority and no underlying agenda. Thank you Anna for being a confidant I trust and a support for fearless women like myself. We need more Anna's in the world! She is amazing ;) All Best to you Anna, with all my heart - Jessi


Founder of CoachTheWorld.com #1 Marketplace for CEO's, Stars, Experts, Actors and Influencers!


Thank you David McLeod

Anna is a rare breed of entrepreneur and leader. She has the ability both to envision and create what she wants to see in the world--kind of expected I think among entrepreneurs. But what really sets Anna apart is her gift of being able to plant the seeds of her vision within the hearts of so many people, and she does this artfully and completely without manipulation or artifice. Somehow, she touched me in a most genuine and compassionate way, and I couldn't help but experience an immediate resonance with her ideas--almost as if the ideas had sprung up within me on their own. It is both magical and exciting, but Anna's "Wellness Universe" vision is very real, and it is fast growing into reality right before our eyes.  

Bless you, Anna, for spawning this amazing collaborative space for us all to share, and thank you for inspiring me to be a part of it. 

David McLeod

Speaker/Author/Facilitator/Coach at Soulancipation Ventures, Inc


Thank you Catherine A.Z. Gruener, LCPC,NCC,BC-TMH

 Anna Pereira shares her knowledge, wisdom and soul with all the members at The Wellness Universe. She gives 100% of herself and more to support those around her. Community, collaboration, health, growth, kindness, professionalism and genuineness are only a few of her incredible strengths. She knows how to run a business and offers her expertise to Wellness Universe members, guiding and supporting them so that they can grow and learn in business, and together through The Wellness Universe make a positive impact on the world. I personally have learned so much with her guidance on expos and public speaking. She has a heart of gold that shines through every project and endeavor. Anna is an inspiration to wellness practitioners, entrepreneurs, and woman in leadership positions. It has been a pleasure to learn from her and work with her, and I look forward to many more years. 

Catherine A.Z. Gruener, LCPC,NCC,BC-TMH

Owner and Chief Executive Operator at Gruener Consulting LLC

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